Regular Lectures

Winter term

Deep Learning
Programming 1 (C/C++)

Summer term

Multimodal Sensor Systems
Real-time Systems
Mobile Robots
Theoretical Computer Science
Seminar: Articifial Intelligence


List of Bachelor- and Master theses I have supervised


I offer courses for companies as in-house courses on the topics of C/C++, Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence:

  • Python Einführungskurs
  • Die Welt der Python-Bibliotheken
  • Einführungskurs: KI, Maschinelles Lernen, Deep Learning
  • Deep Learning zur Bildverarbeitung

  • If you are interested in having a course on one of these topics in your company or institution, just contact me here: dr.juergen.brauer{at}


    So far I have written and published two textbooks:


    I am interested mainly in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics.

    My papers


    YOLO v4 test video - Testing YOLO v4 on 86473 frames