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Multimodal Sensor Systems
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So far I have written and published three textbooks ...
... and a popular science book:


I am interested mainly in Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Robotics.

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2024-03: Artificial intelligence is becoming more powerful every day! ChatGPT can now create very helpful sketches when explaining mathematical concepts. Great! ;-) See [1] and [2]

2024-02: Together with my colleague, Prof. Dr. Klaus Ulhaas and the company AGCO Fendt, we organized a computer vision / deep learning challenge for plant detection in the winter semester 2023/2024 for students in various master's degree courses at the University of Kempten. At the end there was a final round where the teams presented their solutions and there was an award ceremony at AGCO Fendt. I think it's great that so many students took part voluntarily and so eagerly!

2023-11: Bonifaz Stuhr gave an excellent guest lecture on the topic of GANs and sequence learning in my master's lecture on deep learning: [1] , [2] Thank you on behalf of the students!

2023-11: I supervised Bonifaz Stuhr's PhD thesis on Deep Learning between 2018-2023. I didn't want to miss his defense at the CVC (Computer Vision Center) at UAB (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona). Congrats!

2023-11: A student has put together some quotes from my deep learning lecture very nicely as a mp3 file ;-)

2023-07: Invited talk on ChatGPT at TCW (Technologie Centrum Westbayern)

2023-04: Josef Griesbauer interviewed me for his podcast

YOLO v4 test video - Testing YOLO v4 on 86473 frames

Canny Edge World - How the world looks like for a Canny Edge detector