Central Limit Theorem

Java applet

Here is a nice Java applet.

You can choose one of 8 different distributions for your random variable X. The applet then draws randomly a population of some size N times and computes a histogram of the values (averaged by N).

You will see, that – irrespective from the chosen initial distribution – as the sample size increases, the distribution will converge to a normal distribution with the same mean, but decreasing variance (std dev).


Video #1: CLT explained without any formulas! Nice!

Bunnies & Dragons - and what they have to do with the CLT

Video #2: CLT explained a little bit more formally

… but still without any formulas.

Video #3: CLT intro with nice example at the end

…. and perfectly explained by the way.

The example at the end of the video underlines the fact, that the CLT makes a claim about the population mean and not about individuals!

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