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posted at 17th March 2011

Two months ago I wrote an article on Computational Models of the Neocortex. It is interesting that the HTM model of the Neocortex mentioned there has also lead to a real world product for video surveillance that you can download, install and use in 5 minutes: it is called vitamind.

One can choose for each camera whether only people or any moving object shall be detected. The detection area can be restricted to a polygon that surrounds e.g. a door. As an action when having detected something the systen can save a short video clip with a time stamp of the detection event that can be browsed later within a small database …

… and/or the vitamind software can send you an email with an image of the detection event:

Imagine you are e.g. at work and want to be informed when someone enters your house.

But it seems that the system is not very choisy when trying to detect persons. Look at the following sequence of trials I did to try to outwit the person detection module in vitamind.

In my last try where I put a blanket over my head and covered my whole body the system nevertheless claimed to have detected a person …

The only case in which it said not to have detected a person but an unknown object is the trial in which I entered the door crawling.

You need to install a Flash Player to watch this video!

This allows two possible conclusions:

  1. the system can detect persons even when they are not directly visible e.g. by identifying their motion patterns
  2. the system detects rather changes in the camera image or moving anythings than persons

I personally believe the later is true…

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